We provide a wide range of educational support services
for all learners, including Adult Learners and those new to Australia.

Welcome to Cornerstone Learning: Tutoring in Ballarat VIC

Are you looking for tutoring in Ballarat VIC for your child, teen or adult learner?

At Cornerstone Learning, we believe that strong literacy and numeracy skills form the foundation for all students to succeed at school, at work and in daily life. These skills are crucial to every child and young person’s ability to develop as an individual, to live a satisfying and rewarding life and to actively participate in their community.

For this reason, we are dedicated to helping students of all ages who have been struggling to master reading, spelling, writing and maths.

We offer paired and individual tutoring lessons at our learning centre and now ONLINE.

We are experienced with learning difficulties/disabilities such as: Irlen Syndrome, Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. In addition we have a qualified Irlen Screener who can test for visual processing difficulties.

We have Happy Clients!