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Maths Tutoring in Ballarat

Primary Maths Tutor

Our primary maths tutors are very experienced at helping students understand maths concepts and overcome ‘maths anxiety’. At Cornerstone Learning we believe in laying down strong foundational skills in maths, upon which further learning can be built.  Children need to have strong foundational skills in maths so that they can cope with the more challenging …

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Tutor for Children with Dyscalculia

We provide one-on-one private tutoring for children with Dyscalculia in Ballarat, Victoria.   Dyscalculia is often called maths Dyslexia. It causes extreme difficulty learning or comprehending mathematics/arithmetic. Wth the right support, students with Dyscalculia can learn and master mathematical concepts. Our learning difficulties tutor is a fully qualified teacher who has had extra training in teaching …

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