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Getting started with our professional tutoring services is easy: call us on 0417 593 416, submit a contact form (below), or send us an email to


We’ll have a chat over the phone with you about your child and can book the initial session.


The initial session involves an informal chat, goal setting and often an assessment. Here we gain understanding of your child’s style of learning and current skill level. We look to see if there are any gaps in their learning which need to be back-filled. Also we can detect if the child has a visual processing problem which might be hindering their learning. We will read through and take into account any relevant school reports or assessments from speech therapists and psychologists etc.


We create an individualised learning program for your child and, depending on your preference, organise either one-on-one sessions or paired sessions with another student who has similar educational needs, compatible learning styles and personality.


Tutoring begins, helping your child to build confidence, strong skills in literacy or numeracy and a brighter future.

Getting Started with Cornerstone Learning

Getting Started: Book an Initial Consult

We would love to discuss your child’s learning needs with you today. Please send us an enquiry below, or call Christine on 0417 593 416.

If you have any queries regarding the above process, feel free to give us a call 0417 593416