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Lockdown Exposes Low Literacy in Adults

Adults who have low literacy skills are experiencing more isolation and shame during the current Covid-19 Pandemic.

Those of us who can read, are accessing the internet and social media more these days. We can’t visit our friends, so instead we are sending more text messages, emails, and using Facebook.

Also, parents who have to help their children during remote learning, are having to admit that they cannot read, spell or do simple maths tasks.

Perhaps these adults will have to use their voice more to communicate with friends at this time – call to see how they are. It must be difficult trying to find out information though. Even if people have to ring a national organisation to ask questions, these places might have limited staff on at the moment.

It just shows how important it is that young children start to learn how to read and write but then progress to achieve satisafactory skills in these areas. Without the ability to read, people can experience lonliness, shame, low self-esteem, not being able to access information and not being able to make informed choices in life.

Actually, around 45% of individuals who find reading difficult have a visual processing disorder which is not known about and which can be helped relatively easily – just with colour. See https://irlen.com/reading-problems-dyslexia-learning-difficulties-the-irlen-method/

At Cornerstone Learning Ballarat we have an Irlen screener who can help with visual processing disorder.