Maths Tutoring in Ballarat

Primary Maths Tutor

Our primary maths tutors are very experienced at helping students understand maths concepts and overcome ‘maths anxiety’. At Cornerstone Learning we believe in laying down strong foundational skills in maths, upon which further learning can be built.  Children need to have strong foundational skills in maths so that they can cope with the more challenging tasks at secondary school and beyond. We go back and remove any gaps in their understanding. With patience, perseverance and an understanding tutor/teacher, most children can develop satisfactory maths skills. We align student programs with the Australian Curriculum and we are familiar with all content learned at the different grade levels. One key component of our primary maths tutoring is getting children to learn and REMEMBER their times tables. This is a crucial foundational skill which enables students to solve maths problems quickly and accurately.

Parents, when is it time to get a maths tutor for your child?

As soon as your child starts saying they hate maths or start getting anxious about maths it is time to act. Speak to their teacher about your concerns. Also try helping them yourself at home, however this can result in tears, arguments and you might find maths difficult yourself. Our primary maths tutors work with many children who have difficulty understanding maths concepts and who are quite anxious when it comes to maths. Our tutors are patient and sympathetic. We know the different ways that algorithms are done in schools and we know how to actually teach maths.

Tomorrow’s success begins today!

It is sad when young people are unable to pursue their desired career because they feel they “just can’t do maths and will never be any good at maths” and if that career requires maths skills. We help children get over those hurdles. We fill in the gaps of their learning so that they can go on to succeed.

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