Are You Looking For Primary School Tutoring in Ballarat?

Tutoring For Primary School Students

Cornerstone Learning provides tutoring services for primary school students in Ballarat, Victoria. Every child we tutor here at Cornerstone Learning is assessed to determine where they are in their learning. 

All assessments are undertaken by a qualified Teacher, and an individualised learning plan will be created for your child, taking their learning style and needs into consideration.

Cornerstone Learning Ballarat

Primary School Tutoring Services Available For:

  • Decoding for reading
  • Phonomic Awareness
  • Skilled knowledge of phonics
  • Grammar
  • Sentence Structure
  • Punctuation
  • Handwriting
  • Understanding maths concepts
  • The ability to complete and use algorithms
  • Times tables
  • Or any other learning area your child may be struggling with
Cornerstone Learning Ballarat

Qualified Tutors & Educators in Ballarat

As a qualified educator with the Victorian Teachers Institute, our founder Christine Phillips is highly experienced with helping children to learn in the best way they can. During her years of teaching Christine found that when certain foundational skills have not been developed in a child’s learning, future learning can be greatly hindered. One of Christine’s specialties is recognising learning difficulties and working with the children and families to help overcome their educational hurdles. 

It is never too late to get additional tutoring for your child to help them master the learning skills they need for lifelong learning. Book an initial consult with us to get your child the help they need.